Rising Country Band’s Music Video Shows Devastation of Severe Flooding in the Heartland

An up-and-coming country group’s emotional video which captures the sometimes harsh reality of small town life.

Over the New Year’s holiday, parts of Illinois and Missouri were hit with devastating flooding which caused the deaths of 25 people, according to the Chicago Tribune. Many small towns along the flood plain suffered the worst flooding in their recorded history.

 decided to use this moment in history as the backdrop of their latest video for “Dry Up or Drown.” According to Saving County Music, the video was filmed in the small Illinois town of McLure and the surrounding Alexander County area.

In the clip, viewers see Webb as he explores his seemingly desolated hometown. Shots of flooded streets, farms and homes show the heartbreaking reality that hundreds of people are now struggling to deal with. Since the video was released on January 1, many in the affected area and beyond began sharing the video.

Although the video is at times almost too difficult to watch, the video bravely and honestly describes a situation that many Americans have struggled with. For Evan Webb and the Rural Ramblers, the national buzz that has emerged from their low-budget video seems to be nowhere near as important as the small bit of support the clip has given to those suffering in their hometown and beyond.

“The reality being faced by thousands of families right now is a harsh one, and we hope that the song, in its own way, provides a little bit of strength at a time when it’s needed,” the band shared on their Facebook page. “The people in these communities help each other, and they survive because of it.”

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Rising Country Band’s Music Video Shows Devastation of Severe Flooding in the Heartland