Texas Parks and Wildlife Posts Pic of Large Cottonmouth at Central Texas Swimming Spot

Plan on swimming in a Texas's waterways soon? Keep your eyes peeled for water snakes like this biggun'. Texas Parks and Wildlife spotted the large cottonmouth swimming in Yegua Creek, near Sommerville Lake in Central Texas, on Sunday afternoon.

"Looks like this Cottonmouth is not missing many meals," the park wrote in a Facebook post.

Cottonmouths pack dangerous venom in their bite; however, they rarely cause human deaths. Nevertheless, you want to avoid their bites at all costs.

As the warmer spring weather rolls in, cottonmouths start to show up more and more in rivers and swimming holes to start mating. 

Male cottonmouths will duel it out with other males on the water in an attempt to lure in females.

You can spot a cottonmouth by the way it swims. They are buoyant snakes that swim with their heads out of the water. Occasionally they'll dive underwater to bite fish for food.

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