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Cotton Candy Wine Takes You Right Back to The Ferris Wheel Days

Cotton candy typically lives in the world of state fairs, carnivals and festivals. This magical treat is full of pastel colors and sweet flavors, bringing to mind Ferris wheels and elephant ears. However, there's an adult version of cotton candy that will bring back your childhood days while also bringing you happiness in the present. Cotton candy wine is a thing, and it's as cotton candy wine is as sweet and magical as it sounds.

Cotton candy flavored wine is a type of wine made to taste like cotton candy. It's typically made from certain varietals of grapes that have a naturally sweet taste. The most well-known are cotton candy grapes, but there are also North American Niagara grapes and Italian Schiava grapes, also called Vernatsch, Black Hamburg in England and Trollinger.

These naturally sweet grapes are ideal for making dessert wines, and a number of wineries have taken advantage of their flavor to make cotton candy wine. Other winemakers have created cotton candy-flavors wine by adding the essence or aroma of cotton candy into their wines. Either way, cotton candy wine is a sweet treat that all cotton candy lovers need to try!

If you like sweet fruit wine like pink moscato or sweet white wine or rosé wine, this type of wine is right up your alley. However, if you usually stick to dry options like pinot noir and Sauvignon blanc, this sweet wine might not do it for you. Here are a few cotton-candy wines to try out for those looking to enjoy the flavors of childhood in an adult beverage.

Cotton Candy Wine- St. Julian

St. Julian's cotton candy wine is a medium-bodied white blend with flavors of bubble gum, raspberry, strawberry and cotton candy. It's made with the Niagara grape and has natural sweetness.

Carnival Candy- Urban Vines

Carnival Candy has natural cotton candy flavors that are magnified during fermentation. This white blend is made with grapes from the Great Lakes region.

Cotton Candy- Purple Toad

This blend of red and white grapes has added cotton candy flavor, giving it an aroma and finish that will bring you right back to the state fair.

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