Sam's Club

Sam's Club Saves the Polish Dog

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them work in warehouse clubs, slinging hot dogs in the food court at the front of the store, and today that hero is Sam's Club. In an effort to give the people what they want (and, yes, throw some shade at their competitor), Sam's Club is picking up the Costco Polish dog.

Costco announced earlier this month that they are changing up their food court menu, adding a few healthier options like an acai bowl with fresh fruit and granola, an al pastor salad with plant-based protein, organic burgers, and potentially more vegetarian and vegan options. The new menu items mean that something has to come off the menu and the Polish dog is the loser of this food court battle.

Fans of the Costco Polish dog took to the streets (or, rather, to social media) protesting the loss. #SavethePolishDog tweets expressed disappointment, outrage, and sadness, with some customers threatening to boycott Costco.

Enter the Polish Dog hero. Sam's Club cafes will begin selling Polish dogs at all their stores on July 23.

Some Sam's Club locations already sell the Polish hot dog, but all of the retails giant's locations will have them soon, a decision which has made many people happy.

costco polish dog

costco polish dog

Changing a menu is never easy on long-time customers. The Seattle Times noted that Costco's chief executive Craig Jelinek told company shareholders that customers frequently reference the food court menu on comment cards dropped in suggestion boxes and that not everyone is excited about pizza and hot dogs.

Costco does want everyone to know that even if it no longer plans to sell its Polish hot dog in the cafe, it still sells them in bulk. Plus, they promise that the famous Costco all-beef hot dog combo will never go away. You can still get a hot dog and soda for $1.50 (the same price as when the deal was introduced in the 1980s) at the Costco food court.

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