The Price of Your Costco Membership is About to Rise


Attention all bargain shoppers: your Costco membership is about to get a little bit more expensive.

Beginning on June 1, the store's membership card will increase $5 in cost. That means a standard yearly membership is now $60. If you have a Goldstar, Business or Executive level membership, you'll be feeling the pinch as well. Each of those will be upped $10 from $110 per year to $120. This is the first time in five years that Costco has increased their fees.

But don't think this jump in prices means that Costco is struggling to make ends meet. The company has been enjoying a record number of sales and currently has around 35 million members in North America alone.

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If you're a longtime Costco shopper, you know that the low prices make the yearly membership seem pretty reasonable. With sales and membership rates growing, it's still a pretty great bargain for those wanting to save some bucks. If you love getting a great deal, we've complied a list of ways to make the most out of your shopping trip. Check out our list of tips here.

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