Costco is Selling Pre-Made Jello Shots For All Your Parties

Making gelatin shots is a lot harder than it seems. Sometimes the gelatin doesn't set, the alcohol is strong, or the taste is just plain gross. They also take a little bit of planning to make them for parties. Thankfully, Costco has our back and has introduced 24-Packs Of pre-made gelatin shots. Get ready to party with these delicious Costco jello shots.

Pre-Made Gelatin Shots Hit Costco Shelves

From the brand Shottys, the party-ready gelatin shots come in a 24-count party pack complete with four different fruity flavors; strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, and grape. With a 12.5 percent ABV, these boozy pre-made Jell-o shots are here to turn your afternoon into a happy hour.

According to the website, the yummy shots are all-natural, gluten-free and are made with premium vodka. The BPA-packaging is also green-friendly. Once you take a shot, recycle the plastic cup and you are good to go.

Instagram account Costcobuys shared a photo of the Costco deal a few days ago and commenters are excited to get their hands on it. One even suggested it would be great for "Mommy Dates".

Take these shots everywhere! The party pack doubles as a cooler for when you hit the beach or the lake; simply add ice and water to the bag and your shots will say solid even in the middle of the summer. If your gelatin shots start to turn to liquid, place them in the fridge or freezer to quickly firm them back up. It's just like magic!

According to Shottys, the Shotty's Party Pack is available for around $20 in select locations. You can also find smaller packs of the shots at H-E-B, Albertsons, Walmart, ABC, and Raley's.

So the next time you find yourself at Costco, grab a Shottys 24-pack of pre-made gelatin shots and get ready to party.

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