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Costco's Food Court Is Getting Rid of One Popular Menu Item

If there's one thing at Costco you can count on other than the free samples, it's their tasty and affordable food court. For some Costco shoppers, a shopping trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at the retail giant's food court to grab the famous hotdog and soda combo or chicken bake. However, all that is about to change with Costco's new food court menu; and get this, they are getting rid of a crowd favorite.

Now don't go into full panic mode, your hot dog combo is safe and sound, however if you are a fan of the Polish dog with peppers and onions, you might want to head over to Costco to get your fill one last time.

Richard Galanti, the company's chief financial officer, confirmed that the Polish dog will no longer be in stores however, "The all-beef hot dog remains," Galanti stated when asked. 

According to The Seattle Times, Costco food courts in the Seattle area have already discontinued the Italian sausage sandwich to make way for new items rolling out that promote healthy eating. A Costco store in San Luis Obispo, California added an acai bowl with fresh fruit and granola. According to Costco this healthy dessert will soon roll out to all Costco stores.

Along with the acai fruit bowl, an al pastor salad with new plant-based protein will be added to the menu as well. These healthier options have seemed to take over the chili and barbecue brisket sandwiches at some Costco locations. There is also talk of organic burgers joining the menu as well.

Some people are taking to social media to voice their opinions on the new menu change.

Mike Quilici said in a tweet: "So if Costco is cutting their Polish hot dogs out in favor of "more healthy and vegan options," does that mean the stuff they sell in the store will be more healthy, too? A place that sells gallon jugs of mayonnaise can't really get on a high horse about healthy options."

One news anchor from San Diego isn't about all the changes.

However you look at it, there's one thing that'll always be there, and that's the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. After being introduced back in the 1980's the store hasn't changed a thing-including the price. And for that, we thank Costco.

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