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Charleston’s Basic Kitchen Serves the Best Corn Ribs in the City

A new way to enjoy a classic barbecue side dish, corn ribs are the perfect addition to any summer meal. Made from a corn cob cut into rib-like strips, corn ribs are baked, fried, or grilled and covered in finger-licking spices and seasonings. While you can make corn ribs at home, there's one restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, that has the best corn ribs in the city.

From the outside, Basic Kitchen may not look like it has one of the best barbecue dishes in Charleston, but don't be fooled. Tucked away just off of King Street, the restaurant is one of the city's most unique eateries.

The restaurant focuses on seasonal and sustainable eating, sourcing their ingredients from local farmers and growers. This means that they offer a rotating menu, in line with what's fresh and available. The restaurant also has different specials everyday to highlight what's in season, including a delicious vegan BBQ alternative.

Basic Kitchen's Corn Ribs Are Finger Lickin' Good

corn ribs

Sydney Bollinger

The corn ribs, which were also available on their all-vegan January menu, have been a massive hit at the restaurant. Made with local corn cut into rib-like strips, they're topped with a house rub, and covered with Alabama white sauce. After chowing down, lick your fingers and wipe them on your napkin. Basic Kitchen isn't afraid to bring the mess into fine dining — and I love that.

The corn ribs are smoky, but not overdone, and creamy from the Alabama white sauce. As someone who often feels overpowered by smoky flavors, I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite. If you're sensitive to spicy foods, maybe take it slow. The ribs do have a nice kick — a slow heat that settles in the more you eat.

Ordering the corn ribs as a starter is a great choice — each order comes with plenty to go around and they're always a crowd pleaser. If you're looking for a good hot & delicious appetizer pairing, try them with the cauliflower wings. Want a more mild combination? Enjoying the corn ribs with the delicious, crispy sweet potato fries is a great choice, too.

Basic Kitchen's corn ribs can also be part of a great meal. I love to order them with the vegan caesar. The smoky, sweet combined with the caesar's salty kick is a winning combination because the flavors balance each other out well.

Choosing this restaurant for your next meal in Charleston is a no-brainer. Whether vegan or not, Basic Kitchen's corn ribs are definitely worth the visit.

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