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Corn on the Cob With Milk Is the Best Way To Cook Flavorful Corn Every Time

Corn on the cob is one of my favorite BBQ items, yet I still didn't know how to get it quite right, until now! I'm here to share a little hack on this sweet corn side dish that's about to change your life. The best way to successfully make corn on the cob is with milk. Much like mashed potatoes, chowder, and pretty much any dish in the slow cooker, heavy cream or a cup milk goes a long way towards cooking corn the right way. This will probably be your new favorite way to simmer corn and maybe even other veggies, so get rid of the husks and get started!

I was a little baffled too at first. Thanks to Spicy Southern Kitchen, I've discovered a trick that pairs well with both roasting corn or grilling it outdoors.

For a rich, flavorful cob, this is the way to go. First you need to crab some fresh corn. Six to eight ears of corn should do for this recipe. Also grab a stick of butter and one cup of milk. You can use salted or unsalted butter, and whole milk.

The total time it will take to get a nice, buttery corn is only 13 minutes. Five minutes of prep time and eight minutes of cooking time means this is an easy recipe for a BBQ.

Boil a large stock pot of water on high heat. You only need it half way filled so grab a few cups water accordingly. While that's going, go ahead and get the corn ready. Next you want to add in the milk and butter, and as you see the melted butter evaporate, you can drop corn in with tongs too. Reduce the heat for the boiling corn.

Let the corn simmer for about six to eight minutes, and you'll have the best corn on the cob of your life. Remove from the water and let it cool before taking the first bite of milk boiled corn.

Now is this a healthy way to cook corn? Absolutely not. Don't think about making corn on the cob with milk if you're always looking at carbohydrates, cholesterol, saturated fat, and the like. You can simply boil corn, slather some butter on it and go about your day. But Simply Southern Kitchen's corn recipe is oh so delicious. Either way, corn has vitamin c so it's good for something!