Cop Escorts Miniature Donkey to Safety After Speedy Rescue

One police officer jumped into action to save the life of a miniature donkey in danger.

Officer Kyle Canaan of the Norman, Oklahoma police department received a call from a woman who spotted a donkey that was wandering on a busy road. Canaan sped to the scene, and used a gentle hand and some feed to help lure the donkey to safety.

The woman who first spotted the pint-sized donkey wanted to bring him to her property where he would be safe to roam, but there was just one problem. How would they get him there?

It took a little convincing and some physical effort, but the pair were able to push him into the back of Canaan’s police car. The officer even rolled down the window for the donkey, now named Squishy, who seemed to enjoy his short cruise.

Unfortunately for Canaan, Squishy left a rather unpleasant surprise in the back of his cruiser. “It used the bathroom in the back of my police car – number two,” he explained. “I mean, I must have got it right after breakfast, because there was a lot.”

Although he caused a rather messy situation, all parties involved say they are very happy that Squishy was able to be plucked from danger just in time.

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Cop Escorts Miniature Donkey to Safety After Speedy Rescue