Construction Worker Plays Where’s Waldo with Sick Children in Hospital Next Door

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Children at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana have been playing a game when they look out the windows of their rooms.

An eight-foot-tall cut-out of Waldo — the elusive star of the popular children’s book series — is popping up in different spots at the construction site next door.

Each time one of the kids spots Waldo, they tell the nurses, who tell James Haney, one of the construction workers. Haney then moves his cutout of Waldo to a new location at the site, and the game continues

This is Haney’s idea, and it’s bringing a lot of joy to the kids at Memorial Hospital. According to the South Bend Tribune, he felt inspired to create a game after he and his crew built a snowman that got a positive reaction from the children.

So, why Waldo?

“One of the electricians said he thought it would be funny if there was a Waldo,” Haney explained.

But one well-made snowman and a clever electrician weren’t Haney’s only inspirations. His own daughter suffered a stroke when she was just three years old. At the time, her doctors thought she would never make it past the third grade.

Well, she recently graduated high school and plans to attend college to study biology and zoology. She’s also the one who helped her dad paint Waldo. They also painted some minions in construction outfits, which they plan to roll out on the site soon. You can bet those minions will bring a lot of smiles to the children next door.

It’s amazing how one thoughtful action can bring joy to so many. Well done, sir!

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Construction Worker Plays Where’s Waldo with Sick Children in Hospital Next Door