Connie Britton’s Hair Secret Isn’t What You’d Expect

Nashville actress Connie Britton’s eternally perfect hair has been talked about in the media since she played the football coach’s wife on NBC’s drama Friday Night Lights.

After years of being asked what her secret is, she finally decided to address the issue head on.

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In a new video posted by People Magazine, Britton is joined by former Nashville star Laura Benanti as she shifts the focus from hair care to women’s rights. By cleverly showing how female stars are regularly portrayed in commercials and entertainment interviews, she reminds viewers that there are a lot more important things to discuss other than beauty secrets.

The clever video is a part of The Representation Project’s #AskHerMore campaign, exploring why the media tends to ask women more superficial questions during interviews. Britton and the organization hopes to encourage those in the media to acknowledge women’s intelligence and  accomplishments instead of focusing on beauty and fashion. Hopefully, this new campaign will encourage reports to ask more substantial questions to talented women like Britton, who is much more than an actress with good hair.

You can learn more about the organization’s campaign at The Representation Project’s website.

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Connie Britton’s Hair Secret Isn’t What You’d Expect