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Don't Worry Nashies, Connie Britton Isn't Going Anywhere in Season 5

Connie Britton assured fans of ABC's Nashville that she'll be around for the long term, despite the rumors.

Fans were shaken when Entertainment Weekly reported that Connie Britton had only signed on for 10 of the 22 episodes set for season five. Could it be Rayna James is calling it quits? Absolutely not. The Nashville star squashed rumors that she was leaving the show during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show Wednesday. "I'm in. I'm in it for the duration," said Britton.

Take a look at the clip from The Ellen Degeneres Show, and rest assured you'll hear Connie Britton's commitment to Nashville.

Fans aren't the only ones who think Connie Britton is essential to Nashville. Lionsgate (the studio behind Nashville) TV chairman Kevin Beggs emphasized, "We intend to continue the show with them all involved," after ABC canceled the TV drama last year.

After the cliff-hanger that ended season four last May, ABC canceled Nashville. After a four-year run, the show's fanbase — dubbed "Nashies" — is strong. A variety of witty hashtags like #NashCrash marked fan devastation in the wake of the finale. Encouraged by the online outrage of fans, CMT partnered with Hulu to bring the show back. CMT airs an episode on Thursdays, and Hulu can run it a day later.

Fans of ABC's Nashville won't have to despair much longer, because the hit television has been renewed for a fifth season which airs on its new home, CMT. Nashville will premiere on CMT Jan. 5 at 9 PM. Keep in mind the show has jumped to a new night so set your DVR wisely.

And yes, your favorites will still be there.

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