Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today: Snake Gets Caught In Its Own Skin

Alice Springs Reptile Centre

Handlers at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia were shocked to find Tim the Stimson’s Python running circles in his own skin.

Usually, snake’s skins are shed in one long tube, but somehow Tim managed to create a perfect circle with his former covering. Because the skin was still partially attached to the end of his body, Tim found himself captured in a seemingly endless circle. The snake’s caretakers documented Tim’s utter confusion through a video recording that has quickly gone viral.

Obviously, this snake really needed to stop and ask for directions. Eventually, Tim was able to make an exit hole and escape his predicament, although the entire adventure took about three hours. The snake managed to leave the steering wheel-shaped skin intact, with just the exit hole to show his daring escape.

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Just like a stressed out dad during a summer road trip, Tim the snake found himself running in circles. Still, he managed to escape the madness while also winning over the hearts of reptile lovers across the world. Let’s just hope he’s learned to hone his navigation skills after this mind boggling incident.

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Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today: Snake Gets Caught In Its Own Skin