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4 Books for 'Little House on the Prairie' Fans

The hit television show Little House on the Prairie is still widely considered one of the most popular of all time, even today. The show, inspired by the autobiographical books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, touched the hearts of millions of people during its time, which is probably why people still love catching the reruns. If you've already read all of Wilder's classic books and watched the series over and over, we've got some great news for you. There are even more books you can read to get behind the scenes stories of life on the set and all of your favorite actors. 

Here are the four best non-fiction books for fans of the beloved series of books and the LHOTP TV series. 

1. Confessions of a Prairie Bitch by Alison Arngrim 

Alison Arngrim's comic memoir about playing the devious Nellie Oleson is definitely a must for fans of the beloved series. Arngrim had to deal with a lot of negativity from fans for Nellie's evil antics in Walnut Grove while the show was on the air and after. So much so, that even as an adult people were shocked to hear that in real life she was best friends with Melissa Gilbert behind the scenes. 

It's pretty crazy that even adults were under the impression that the actress really was a manipulative brat but that's not even half of what the comedienne had to endure. Arngrim shares how she learned to love being hated for her memorable character, took inspiration from the confidence Nellie had, her bohemian upbringing, and even opens up about the child abuse she endured at the hands of a family member. You'll also read about her onscreen husband on the TV show played by Steve Tracy and how his illness got Arngrim involved with AIDS activism on behalf of HIV awareness. 

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2. Prairie Tale: A Memoir by Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert's memoir Prairie Tale is everything you could want as a passionate Little House on the Prairie viewer. Growing up in Hollywood is not easy and Gilbert saw it all. She dated the likes of Rob Lowe and has tons of behind the scenes stories about her onscreen father, Michael Landon. The classic television series turned Gilbert immediately into a child star but that doesn't mean it was always a walk in the park. Gilbert opens up about it all and then some. 

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3. Michael Landon: The Career and Artistry of a Television Genius by David R. Greenland 

Michael Landon is one of the most iconic actors in TV history. He starred in Bonanza, Little House, Highway to Heaven, and more. But he was also incredibly active behind the scenes, writing, directing and producing. Landon was a television genius and this book highlights all of his many talents that you might not have realized he was capable of during his legendary career.

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4. The Way I See It: A Look Back at My Life on Little House by Melissa Sue Anderson

Melissa Sue Anderson grew up playing Mary Ingalls, sister of Laura Ingalls Wilder on the show. Just like the other girls, she grew up on-screen for the entire world to see. She also had the challenge of playing a character that goes blind and, as a result, ended up being the only cast member to be nominated for an Emmy Award. Anderson opens up about what Michael Landon was really like, her experience on set, and even working with notable guest stars like Johnny Cash.

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