Company Demolishes Wrong Tornado-Damaged House in Texas


Residents of a duplex in Rowlett, Tex. are outraged after their tornado-damaged homes were accidentally demolished.

According to KHOU, residents Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter were waiting on insurance and aid from FEMA.

When Diaz visited the property, she was shocked to see that her former home had been torn down to its foundation.

“I pull up, and — sure enough — it’s gone,” Diaz explained.  “There’s nothing left.”

Local demolition company Billy L. Nabors Demolition was given the order to tear down a home at 7601 Cousteau Dr., a block away from Diaz and Culter’s residence. According to Diaz, one of the company’s employees texted her a screenshot from Google Maps that shows an arrow pointing to Diaz and Cutter’s duplex at  7601 Cousteau, instead of its actual location a block away. So far, Billy L. Nabors Demolition has yet to comment on or apologize for the incident.

After surviving the Dec. 26 tornado by shielding her young son in their bathtub, Diaz says this mistake just pours more salt on an open wound.

“How do you make a mistake like this?” Diaz asks. “That’s what their job is – to wreck it in demo, and they really wrecked my life. This is just the worst.”

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Company Demolishes Wrong Tornado-Damaged House in Texas