This Company Allows You to Rent Farm Equipment With Uber-Style Service

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Farm equipment is expensive — more expensive than you may think. The total worth of the farm equipment owned across American farms is a whopping $244 billion.

What if the farmer only needed to use a specific piece of equipment for a short period of time, or only a few times a year? Well, that’s where MachineryLink Solutions comes in. Think Uber but for farm equipment like harvest machinery, tractors and sprayers.

Not only is the service a plus for farmers looking to save money by renting, but it also helps farmers make some money from equipment they just have lying around idle. Either way, it’s a genius idea.

According to MachineryLink, the idea all started with asking a simple question: How can we help farmers be more profitable? This led to a business that successfully leverages technology, connectivity and smart business to improve the economics of farming.

To use the program, all you have to do is go to the website and do a quick search to find what you need. After providing proof of proper insurance, you can book your equipment, submit payment and wait for your reservation to be confirmed. Easy as pie!

While you can rent from farmers all over the country, you’ll have to pay more for transport. For equipment in your area, though, the cost savings are dramatic. For example, this John Deere tractor in North Dakota is available for a mere $188 a day. That’s chump change compared to what buying one would run you.

There is also a rating system, so users of the service can leave each other reviews. MachineryLink is already providing their helpful service to some 1,200 online users and that number is only expected to increase from there!

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This Company Allows You to Rent Farm Equipment With Uber-Style Service