Community Comes Together to Repair Elderly Woman's Crumbling Home Polhemus

In the tiny town of Hamilton Township, N.J., a crumbling and dilapidated house had the city threatening daily citations. Anne Glancey, the owner of the house, couldn't afford to fix house and bring it up to code.

Glancey grew up in the house, but also settled into a reclusive, introverted lifestyle. Her house needed all new paint. The lawn and landscaping grew out of control. A rusted, broken down car sat in the lawn. And The retired teacher didn't have any family or friends to call for help.

The town sent her warning letters, saying she'd soon be fined $1,000 per day. And, if the violations go unfixed, those fines could go up to $3,000 per day. Polhemus Polhemus

Enter Kristin and Adam Polhemus. The young couple moved in next to Glancey five years prior and were the only people to strike up a relationship with her. They heard about her predicament.

"But every time we brought up repairs, she would change the subject," Adam told People.

So, the pair decided to take matters into their own hands. And began secretly doing the repairs without Glancey knowing. Over several weekends during the summer, Kristin and Adam enlisted the help of other friends and neighbors to take care of the crumbling home.

Supporters came out in full force.

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The most amazing part of the whole process was how Glancey warmed up to her helpers. She soon came out to offer homemade carrot cake and orange juice. Before, she barely had anybody to talk to. But soon, she had the support of an entire community.

All in all, the good samaritans performed an estimated $10,000-15,000 worth of work. Since the team completed the work, the city scrapped all the violations, and Glancey's childhood home looks like a million bucks.

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Community Comes Together to Repair Elderly Woman's Crumbling Home