Sarah Silverman
Sarah Silverman and Lee Thomas Miller at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

Comedian Sarah Silverman Goes Country to Benefit Las Vegas Victims


When you think of Sarah Silverman, you probably think of cursing and political commentary, but now, you might think of country music.

The actress came to Nashville to the Bluebird Cafe to sing an original song, "Somebody Broke Her," that she wrote with Grammy-nominated songwriter Lee Thomas Miller. Silverman is using the song to raise money for the families of the Las Vegas shooting victims. The performance will be featured in her new Hulu series I Love You, America.

"People don't usually think of liberal Jews when they think of country music fans, which is silly, because country music is about heartbreak, which is basically complaining," Silverman joked.


Miller has some impressive songwriting credits, including Brad Paisley's "Perfect Storm" and Jason Aldean's "Old Boots, New Dirt." If anyone could take material from a joker like Silverman and turn it into country gold, it would be Miller.

In the video, Silverman spends a substantial amount of time joking with Miller. In the end, the song they put together is anything but funny.

Written about Silverman's deceased mother, "Somebody Broke Her" is revealing about Silverman's childhood and the traumas she overcame. Humor is a common coping mechanism. So childhood trauma is an unfortunately prevalent theme in the lives of many successful comedians.

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