Comedian Nails the Wrath of a Southern Mom When It's Time to Clean

I think we should all take a moment of silence for the hardworking mommas who raised us right. Yeah, sometimes we had to eat one too many spoonfuls of peas for our liking, or had to be inside before all of our friends riding bikes in the street, but they really had our best interests at heart.

Until company was coming, that is. Then we were just mere bystanders to the hurricane of cleaning that took place, because God forbid a stray throw pillow was out of place on the couch.

Comedian Chris Fleming posted this video to Facebook of him imitating a mom struggling to get her house cleaned before company arrives. The most resonating part of this entire video is absolutely when the vacuum turns on, and he screams to mimic it, unleashing the sheer terror that crosses over every mom's face when she realized the people would be stepping inside her home.

Somehow when I was growing up, I think my mom, bless her, forgot that everyone else lived in houses with messy kids, too, and so each nook and cranny had to immediately be perfect. It didn't matter if company was coming in a few days or a few hours, this was still the same ritual. "How dare we let anyone know we live here!"

Share this with your mom. It'll make her feel better about her savage cleaning instincts the minute she puts the phone down from your aunt and uncle that will be stopping by tomorrow as they just come through town.

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Comedian Nails the Wrath of a Southern Mom When It's Time to Clean