Comedian Bo Burnham Slams Mainstream Country Music

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If you don’t know who Bo Burnham is, you probably should. Though his comedy is not for the faint of heart (or the easily offended), Burnham has been making some of the best self-aware humor since his early YouTube days.

In his brand new special Make Happy, Burnham sets his sights on a certain style of mainstream country music he calls “stadium country.”

He starts by saying that country music gets a bad reputation and some of the greatest songwriters of all time are country songwriters. “And if you’re writing honestly, that is art, and I would never bash that,” continues Burnham. “The problem is, with a lot of modern country music, what is called stadium country music—the sort of Keith Urban brand of country music—is that it is not honest. It is the exact opposite of honest.”

Burnham then launches into his version of a modern country song, being sure to hit every word and phrase that is sure to sell a song to the demographic. Take a listen below. Warning: This contains strong language NSFW.

Some of the best lines include, “I walk and talk like a field hand, but the boots I’m wearing cost three grand,” and, “Now it’s time to talk to the ladies — I’m hoping my subtle charm offsets all these rape-y vibes I’m giving out.”

It’s not the first time Burnham has taken down popular music. His song “Repeat Stuff” from his last special what. (an instant classic) is another brilliant look at the formulas used in popular music.

The fact that Burnham is himself an accomplished musician and songwriter makes his brand of comedy all the better. It might make a few hit artists and songwriters a bit embarrassed, but the rest of us a certainly enjoying the joke. And hey, with a few radio edits, Burnham may have a hit on his hands.

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Comedian Bo Burnham Slams Mainstream Country Music