Rattlesnake Crashes Country Wedding, Bites Groom


The groom getting bitten by a rattlesnake while posing for pictures isn't usually what couples expect on their big day, but that's exactly what happened at one Fort Collins, Colo. country wedding.

Between the wedding ceremony and reception, newlyweds Johnny and Laura were having professional photos taken out on Horsetooth Reservoir when an uninvited guest suddenly appeared in their path. A rattlesnake bit Johnny's ankle, and wedding photographer Maddie Mae captured the whole ordeal on her camera.

They were able to flag down a Larimer County Park Ranger, and after a quick ER visit, Johnny was released. Determined not to let anything ruin their big day, the couple remained in good spirits the whole time. Luckily, their wedding reception was only delayed one hour since Johnny was not injected with any rattlesnake venom. What a relief!

Mae recounted what happened on her Facebook page and included several photos she took. "The whole situation was so surreal," Mae explains. "I couldn't really help in any way except continue to do my job and capture the story of their wedding day."

We're certainly glad that Johnny is okay and that the couple was able to enjoy their wedding to the fullest despite their wedding crasher.

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Rattlesnake Crashes Country Wedding, Bites Groom