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Color by Number: Tap Into Your Inner Artist for Under $10

The good ol' days of being a kid and opening a new coloring book along with a fresh pack of Crayola crayons are gone. Or are they? Now, adults can still enjoy coloring pages and tapping into their childhood and inner artist with color by number coloring books.

Color by number worksheets might seem like a silly coloring game, but they are not. Adult coloring books are linked to therapeutic benefits and are believed to reduce anxiety. Not to mention, you get a beautiful art piece to stick on the fridge—just like old times!

Whether you want a fun evening project or if you just want to take your mind off of a stressful day, grab some colored pencils and check out these amazing color by number coloring books for under $10!

Color by Number Coloring Books Under $10

1. Brain Games - Color by Number: Stress-Free Coloring

This beautiful coloring book has 27 images of different pieces of art. This coloring book also features a color key in the back of the book, making this a stress-free color by number activity.

This customer loves how the numbers are easy to read and how it's a great activity book for when you don't want to be on your phone.

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2. 50 Animal Mandalas: Color by Number Coloring Book for Adults features Floral Mandalas, Geometric Patterns, Swirls, Wreath, Wild Creatures for Stress Relief and Relaxation

Animals can already make a dull day feel much better. Take it to the next level with this unique coloring book from Amazon featuring over 50 animals. The designs range in expertise from beginner to expert.

As you may know, watercolor paint and paint by number books can get messy. This mess-free activity book is also perfect for little ones and preschoolers.

3. Color by Number Patterns: An Adult Coloring Book with Fun, Easy, and Relaxing Coloring Pages

With over 1,000 ratings, this coloring book is definitely a best-seller. Each color by number coloring page features a unique image with breathtaking art. I can definitely see myself getting lost in this book for hours with how beautiful each image is.

4. Creative Haven Romantic Country Scenes Coloring Book

Books don't have to be boring. That is certainly the case for this charming coloring book featuring country-side images. Long road trips will most likely go by quickly with this coloring book.

This is also perfect for a Mother's Day gift or adding to an Easter basket.

5. Disney Princess Ariel 32-Page Color by Number Coloring and Activity Book with 8 Crayon

While you may not ever truly live your childhood dream of being a Disney princess, you can surely feel like it with this Disney princess coloring book. Not only will coloring feel nostalgic, but the Disney princesses will as well. It also comes with eight crayons, making this purchase a one-stop shop!

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