Cole Taylor

Cole Taylor's Song About the United Airlines Debacle Will Make You Laugh

Earlier this week, a video of a passenger being dragged from his seat on a United Airlines plane went viral. Days later, the company continues to get called out on social media. Now rising country singer Cole Taylor is the latest to poke fun at the incident.

During his appearance on America's Morning Show with Ty Bentli, Chuck Wicks and Kelly Ford, Cole was challenged to create a song in 10 minutes. Naturally, the hosts chose the United Airlines debacle as his topic. After a quick writing session, Taylor grabbed his acoustic guitar and played his impromptu song, appropriately titled "Here at United."

He starts off with the clever line, "Here at United, we scare because we care/We can seat you, we can beat you up," and it only gets better from there.

His genius freestyle only gets better, adding in jabs like, "It's no pain, no plane." And then there's my personal favorite, "We put the hospital in hospitality."

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Regardless of your opinion on the United Airlines debacle, Taylor's tune is sure to bring you plenty of laughs.

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