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Coldplay Writes, Performs Country Song Dedicated to Houston

While playing a concert in Miami, Coldplay performed a special country song just for Houston.

Coldplay had to cancel their Houston concert due to the disaster, so instead the band penned the song to raise the spirits of stranded Texans.

"This is because we all grew up loving country music and of course that's kind of what we think of when we go to Texas," Martin informed the audience.

In a touching tribute to the Lone Star State, the band played a twangy country riff and sang the song in honor of the Houstonians currently battling continuously rising flood waters.

To the sound of raucous cheers the band begins:

"I am dreaming of when I get back to Houston/I am dreaming of that very special place/I'm dreaming of when Houston has no problems/in that city where they send you into space."

The song encourages those affected by the hurricane to "keep on keeping on." The audience began to clap in sync and cheered loudly at the next lyrics:

"From Miami we are sending love to Houston/We are praying that you make it through the rain/I know nothing's gonna break the will of Houston/And we can't wait to go down there again."

Martin clarified that it was "a one-time thing" and that they didn't plan to sing the song again, but you can still watch the video of the live performance.

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