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All The Products You'll Need for a Stocked At-Home Coffee Bar

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We've all been there before: You wake up on a Saturday morning after sleeping in, and the craving for a specialty coffee floats in like a waking dream. But, there are a few things standing between you and your java. For one, getting dressed and leaving the house when you're currently in comfy mode. Then there's the whole process of grabbing your things, starting the car, and driving to the café — not to mention the line that awaits when you've arrived. On days like this, having your own home coffee bar saves more than money. It preserves your time and peace of mind as well. 

With easy accessibility to specialty coffee these days, you don't need to work as a professional barista to know what's required to make a great cup at home. The internet is full of tips and suggestions on how to create the type of coffee you want without leaving the comfort of your home. Yet, one thing is consistent between all of that guidance — you need the right tools. When you stock your home coffee bar with a handful of easy-to-use and essential items, anyone can make coffee that exceeds the flavors and range of a standard drip maker.

What does your at-home coffee bar need?

The exact model of coffee-making tools can be different from home to home, but there are some things that you shouldn't go without. These items have been pulled from professional experience working in cafés, and encompass everything the brewing process involves from start to finish. Devices like a burr grinder, a scale, and a proper storage container for your beans are all necessities for your home station that will make the difference between drinking an average cup and crafting something that rivals your local shops. With these sometimes overlooked items, you can ensure you've got the freshest coffee, made in a way that makes the most out of your morning cup. 

1. A Precision Grinder


Krups Precision Grinder Flat Burr - Amazon, $50.81

This grinder from Krups has an 8-ounce capacity chamber allows you to grind a bulk batch of beans all at once, which is a game-changer when it comes to having the freshest flavor for a batch of coffee. Or, grind up just enough for a special patron and yourself. This is your coffee house, after all. The flat burrs create an expert cut on your beans across 12 different settings, all at the push of a single button. Really, you don't even have to tap this tool a second time to make it stop. The grinder automatically shuts off when your beans have been ground to the chosen consistency. Ultra-fine for espresso, coarse for French press, or a nice middle ground for your pour-overs. Afterward, the burr plate can easily slide off for exceptionally easy cleaning. Who needs K-cups when fresh grinds are so accessible?  

2. A Food Scale 


Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale - Amazon, $12.61

Now that you have your beans pulverized and ready to drench, your home coffee station needs a crucial piece of equipment, one that can turn a so-so cup into something amazing. One of the things we often overlook when brewing at home is the ratio of water to coffee grinds. That can be a huge mistake: measuring the proportion of grounds to water is possibly the most important aspect of making your own java. An Ozeri food scale makes it simple. Measured in graduations from 0.05-ounces up to 12-pounds (meaning it can pull double duty in the kitchen as well), you'll find an abundance of uses for this device. Other winning features include a precise tare-weight function and a large, easy-read LCD screen.

3. A Gooseneck Kettle


Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Amazon, $69.99

Since we're talking about precision, it's important to mention one of the sharpest and most functional kettles on the market. Thanks to 1200-watts of power, the Cosori electric gooseneck kettle heats in as little as three minutes, depending on which function you use. This sophisticated electric kettle can hit five exact temperature settings (including several that should satisfy tea drinkers, too) and has a sixth mode that holds steady at your preferred heat. Not only is it precise in its application as an anytime-use kettle, but the spout is leak-proof and perfectly angled for pouring control. Of course, there's an automatic shut-off feature, but, with equipment this fun to use, you'll probably keep the kettle rolling all week long. 

4. A Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Crate & Barrel

Chemex Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker (8-Cup) - Crate & Barrel, $46.95

You've ground, weighed, and heated up your water, but so far, your coffee station is still missing that most essential tool: something to brew with. While you likely already have a big batch maker — be it a drip pot or a Keurig — nothing makes a quality cup of Joe like some of the market's best analog methods. Your coffee bar should be able to replicate all of the offerings at your favorite spot. A Chemex pour-over helps you fill out the menu. Free of any corrosive material, the natural wood and glass design of a Chemex is the ultimate in clean coffee brewing. After brewing, the carafe can be cooled in the fridge to prep for iced coffee, but it's big enough to make a batch for sharing if you're so inclined. Your friends might miss you at the coffee shop, at least until they wake up and smell what's going on at your place. When evening strikes, your Chemex can double as a decanter for wine, making it a true "weekend mood" utility.

5. A Quality French Press 


Espro P5 French Press - Amazon, $69.95

According to the Barista Institute, the French press has a history that dates back to 1852, but really, this brew method is ageless. Just because it's an old-fashioned way to take your coffee doesn't mean it has to taste like it. Most people would agree that the worst part of making French press coffee is the grinds that tend to leak their way through to your cup — however, with the Espro, you can say so long to the sludge. The patented plunger has three layers of filtration, and that's not even the best part. Pressing down on the plunger pulls the plug on your coffee's extraction. That automatic halting of the process means a more balanced flavor, free from acerbic bitterness. There's a lot to love about this French press, such as the extra-durable glass body, so pour yourself a tall cup and take it all in.

6. An Espresso Maker 


Bialetti Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker - Amazon, $49.95

Once upon a time, it wasn't so easy to find espresso makers that were designed for home use. While today it's possible to find professional-style machines that come in miniature sizes, the cost of a professional espresso unit can make this coffee style inaccessible for most. That's why your coffee station isn't complete without a classic like the Bialetti Moka Pot. It's been said that this fashion of coffee maker can be found in 90% of Italian homes, and if you add your own abode to that statistic, you'll have fragrant, strong espresso-style coffee in minutes, whenever the craving strikes. It's a must-have for your coffee bar. 

7. A Milk Frother


Nespresso Aeroccino3 Milk Frother - Amazon, $81.93

Whether you're a latte or cappuccino person (or maybe something smaller — cortado, anyone?), you need a way to have high-quality steamed milk at the ready. The Aeroccino3 is the best option on the market, with settings for both hot and cold foam ready at the touch of a button. Approximately 60 seconds later, you'll find your milk of choice whipped into an iced coffee companion, or heated to around 160 degrees Fahrenheit for your at-home café au lait.

8. A Trio of Delicious Syrups


Torani Coffee Syrup Variety Pack (Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut) - Amazon, $25.85

Where there's smoke, there's fire — and where there are lattes, there should always be flavorings to spruce them up. A triple-pack of Torani is a must-have for home coffee stations, especially if you want to recreate your standing order without standing in line. This is another excellent must-have for your coffee bar: it comes in a three-pack with vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut.

9. A Canning Jar for Your Coffee Bar 

Crate And Barrel

Weck Canning Jar, 26-ounce - Crate & Barrel, $5.95

Once your coffee is made, you can take some time to enjoy it. Cleaning can wait, but one thing that shouldn't go forgotten is a proper storage container for your grounds or whole beans. The National Coffee Association recommends keeping your caffeine in an airtight receptacle, and while they don't technically advise using a clear container, the quality and price combo of this Weck jar is too good to pass up. Weck is German-made, and the jars feature a rubber sealant ring that keeps the lip of your jar rust-free and impermeable to the elements. They're typically used for canning, which makes them tight enough to store your coffee in maximum fresh conditions. 

10. A Sturdy Organizer 


Anboxit Coffee Station Organizer - Amazon, $37.99

With all of these essentials fitting into your home's favorite nook, you'll need something to keep it all neat and tidy. A disheveled space is the easiest way to break the spell you created when turning this area into your own personal coffee shop. This organizer is a simple way to bring it all together. The wood veneer offers a tasteful design, while the dual compartment configuration allows arranging things as you need. A variety of different size compartments fit a mix of different items, all within arm's reach.

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