Cody Johnson On My Way to You
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Cody Johnson's 'On My Way to You' Praises Past Hardships


Independent artist turned Warner Music Nashville signee Cody Johnson is thankful for the various twists and turns that preceded success, as explained by his first major label single "On My Way to You."

The Texas native's lyrics consider how past mistakes and missed opportunities ultimately allowed him to meet his wife. If the former prison guard and rodeo rider's previous careers had gone differently, or if his decade-long path to the country charts had been paved a little smoother, he might've missed out on something even more special to him than country music. As the song puts in perspective, every single disappointment and regret prepared Johnson to be a good husband and a formidable force on the national touring scene.

As a good country song could, it shares a message that's universal and instantly believable to listeners of all ages and from all walks of life. Few, if any, didn't miss a few boats or flub a few opportunities on their way to their current state of personal or professional contentment. That's why it's the type of relatable song you'll find yourself singing with conviction en route to a job that wasn't necessarily your first choice or during your evening jog in a neighborhood that might not have been on your wish list right out of college.


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With its sparse, fiddle-driven arrangement, the single should quell any longtime fans and traditional country music lovers' fears that a big label deal might soften the bite of new songs.

The song previews Johnson's major label debut, Ain't Nothin To It, which comes out in conjunction with his CoJo Music imprint in early 2019. His prior full-length, 2016's acclaimed independent release Gotta Be Me, reached the second spot on the Top Country Albums chart and ranked as high as 11th on the Billboard 200.

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