Cody Johnson Announces Release Date for ‘Gotta Be Me’

Facebook/Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson took to Twitter to announce his new album’s release date, as well as when fans can preorder the album. Addressing “CoJoNation,” Johnson revealed in a video that his 6th official release Gotta Be Me will be available on August 5.

And fans who just can’t wait get to preorder the album through iTunes on May 27. Those who do will instantly get three songs, including the first single, “With You I Am.”


The Cody Johnson Band spent years playing the Texas circuit and releasing albums. He gained some traction on Texas radio with 2011’s A Different Day, which featured singles like “Diamond In My Pocket” and his version of Zane Williams’ “Ride With Me.”

In 2014, Johnson released Cowboy Like Me, which peaked at No. 7 on the US Country album charts and really took the band to the next level of popularity, touring and radio success. With his upcoming album Gotta Be Me, Johnson is poised to become one of the heavy hitters in the Texas country market and, with any luck, beyond.

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Cody Johnson Announces Release Date for ‘Gotta Be Me’