The Best Cody Jinks Songs for Your Outlaw Country Playlist

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 14: Cody Jinks performs during Austin City Limits Festival at Zilker Park on October 14, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Erika Goldring/FilmMagic)

Outlaw country music singer/songwriter Cody Jinks started as the lead singer of a thrash metal band based out of Fort Worth, Texas, called Unchecked Aggression. Of course, he and his band The Tone Deaf Hippies dipped their toes in the country music water around 2005 and haven't slowed down since!

Here is a list of Cody Jinks' best songs to add to your playlist.

"Must Be The Whiskey"

A song from Jinks' 2018 record Lifers, which went No. 2 on the Billboard Country Album charts.

"Think Like You Think"

An early one from Jinks, "Think Like You Think," is from the 2008 record Collectors Item. It was also released on his After The Fire record.

"Which One I Feed"

A beautiful tune based on a Native American parable, "Which One I Feed," was released on the 2019 record The Wanting.

"Ain't A Train"

From Jinks' 2019 record After The Fire.

"Same Kind of Crazy as Me"

Another great tune from the 2019 record The Wanting.

?"I'm Not The Devil"

In 2016, Jinks hit the airwaves big time with his release of I'm Not The Devil. The record peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

"Loud and Heavy"

A song that every crowd screams, "Loud and Heavy," was released on Jinks' 2015 record Adobe Sessions.

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"Hippies and Cowboys"

From the 2010 record Less Wise, the song gives the listener a perfectly painted picture of true outlaw country.

"Mamma's Song"

Every song from Adobe Sessions is just about perfect, but we think "Mamma's Song" is the best.

"Cast No Stones"

Though this song isn't new, it's a song that is a staple in Jinks' career!

You can hear most of these songs live and unplugged on the Red Rocks Live record that Jinks released in 2020! You can see the band's tour dates at

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The Best Cody Jinks Songs for Your Outlaw Country Playlist