Cody Jinks Has the Musical Remedy for Our #Outraged Times

It’s been a polarizing time for news this year. America started off this week by arguing about whether or not Starbucks’ holiday cup was Christian enough. We’ve spent a significant amount of time debating the merits of peas in guacamole (which is just gross, for the record). And who could forget #TheDress? Is it black and blue? Is it white and gold? Will we ever know? Will we ever truly care?

Troubling times, indeed. And it’s only going to get worse as the holiday season continues, as we find more things to direct our outrage. But that simply means its time to listen to a song that can unify us all with the understanding that we’re all trying to make our way through this world as easily as we can.

Fort Worth country singer Cody Jinks has the perfect remedy. His “Cast No Stones” is a slow, country waltz about minding your own business and keeping your head down.

Remember to be nice to everybody today, regardless if they’re holding a Starbucks cup or not. Also, did you catch Ray Benson in the introduction? He’ll be hosting the 2016 Ameripolitan Music Awards in Austin, Texas in February 2016.

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Cody Jinks Has the Musical Remedy for Our #Outraged Times