Hear Cody Jinks Rollicking New Track, ‘Chase That Song’

Greg Giannukos

Cody Jinks’ highly-anticipated album, I’m Not the Devil, drops Aug. 12, and we have a preview of one of the rip-roaring new tracks.

“Chase That Song” is a fast-driving, honky-tonk scorcher about Jinks’ life on the musician’s metaphorical highway. He works in several clever lines, describing himself as a “black cat walking on thin black ice,” or my personal favorite, an “18-wheeler with the throttle pinned down with the brake line cut.”

The song showcases the speak-the-truth style and gritty voice that have helped Jinks become one of the most beloved outlaw country artists today. Plain and simple, this is country music with some backbone.

His previous album, The Adobe Sessions, was one of the strongest independent country releases in years. If “Chase That Song” and the upcoming album’s title track — which Jinks also recently premiered — are any indicators, the new record will definitely make an imprint.

Jinks recorded I Ain’t The Devil at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas. His tourmate, Whitey Morgan, also recorded his previous album there, and named the record after the studio. You can catch Jinks and Morgan on tour together starting Aug. 5.

Cody Jinks, “Chase That Song”

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Hear Cody Jinks Rollicking New Track, ‘Chase That Song’