Cody Canada and Mike McClure Team up for New Album, 'Chip & Ray'

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Cody Canada and Mike McClure have announced a new, two-disc, 35-track album on Red Dirt fans. It is acoustic. It is live. It can only be everything you would ever expect from the pair of Red Dirt legends.

The new album, titled Chip and Ray, Together Again for the First Time will be available on Nov. 13, but you can pre-order it now.

chip and ray


The album will feature Canada and McClure recordings, songs they worked on together, wrote together, or recorded together among others. Songs like the ripping McClure track "In My Ears," and the heavy rocking Canada track "Dimebag." It will be interesting to see songs like these translate into acoustic versions. The odds-on guess? They translate well.

The album was recorded in Port Aransas, Texas. And while the pair are currently appearing in shows together across Texas, they each also continue to do independent shows of their own. Canada is touring heavily while McClure is appearing less frequently. 

Chip and Ray, Together Again for the First Time, as the title suggests, is his first release with Mike McClure. But, as the title suggests, it's not their first time working together. The two are frequent collaborators and co-writers, with McClure producing the majority of Canada's albums. Mike McClure was a founding member of The Great Divide before he split off to form The Mike McClure Band in the early 2000's.

Canada spent over a decade and a half as the frontman for the legendary Red Dirt band Cross Canadian Ragweed before the group split in 2010. He went on to form Cody Canada and the Departed.


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Cody Canada and Mike McClure Team up for New Album, 'Chip & Ray'