'Nashville' Close to Finding New Home on CMT


CMT may become the saving grace of all Nashville fans who've rallied to save the show. The network is reportedly nearing a deal with Lionsgate to pick up the show for a fifth season.

Nashville ran on ABC for four seasons before the network announced they would be cancelling the country music drama. The series finale aired on May 25 and although most story lines received their happy ending, the finale did leave a cliffhanger that gave viewers hope that the show would be revived.

Lionsgate has been in talks with multiple platforms over the past couple of weeks and it seems that CMT is now the frontrunner. No details have yet been released, but according to Entertainment Weekly, the deal will include a streaming component on Hulu which currently carries the  previous seasons.

While it's not clear who will return should the show continue, the cast does still hold long-term deals with Lionsgate. Directors Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz were hired prior to the show's cancellation to lead the fifth season.

"These kinds of shows can go forever and ever -- obviously that's our hope and expectation, but we've [got] to do it one season at a time," said Lionsgate's head of TV, Kevin Beggs. "So right now, we're all about Season 5."

If the rumors hold true, it looks like the fans will get their wish, making the social media storm of petitions, hashtags and virtual viewing parties all worthwhile.

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'Nashville' Close to Finding New Home on CMT