Clint Black Pokes Fun at the Presidential Election with ‘Still Calling It News’

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As Election Day draws closer, it seems like the battle to become the President of the United States gets crazier by the day. Now, Clint Black is poking a little fun at the current political climate with a satirical new video for “Still Calling it News.”

The track was written by Black and Hayden Nicholas four years ago, around the time of the last election. “Still Calling it News” was featured on Clint’s 2015 LP On Purpose, but the country star says the song “has never seemed more relevant than now.”

Black has just shared a new video for the track, which cleverly uses footage from the media to shine a light on the way the election has been portrayed.

The singer says that the clip “shouldn’t be taken as a political statement, but rather as a way to illustrate how our focus has been steered away from the important issues facing our country today.”

Although the video is an obvious commentary on the mainstream media and the election, Black says its all relative.

“If we had the footage, we probably could’ve made an equally absurd video of the Jefferson/Adams election,” said Black.

If you missed the 2016 CMA Awards last night (Nov. 2), you can see him perform during an incredible classic country medley here.

Clint’s latest album, On Purpose, is currently available in stores and online.

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Clint Black Pokes Fun at the Presidential Election with ‘Still Calling It News’