Clever Texas Horse Poses as Donkey to Save Its Own Life

Horses are incredibly intelligent creatures, but one Frisco, Texas horse may be the smartest to date. At a "kill-pen" in North Texas, one 25-year-old gelding posed as a donkey to escape slaughter.

According to WFAA, animal philanthropist Sue Chapman witnessed the clever gelding first hand during a visit to the kill pen. Chapman's non-profit, Becky's Hope Horse Rescue, works to save sick and injured horses. On this particular trip, Chapman's non-profit was going to save a group of donkeys.

When Chapman arrived at the kill pen, she noticed one donkey that was, well, bigger than the rest. In fact, it wasn't a donkey at all, it was a horse. Somehow, the horse had made its way into the pen with the donkeys. Whether or not it was on purpose is hard to say, but the fact is the horse somehow snuck in with the others.

The horse, which Chapman has since named "Bubbles," acted as if no one was the wiser. It waited patiently as Chapman's crew loaded their trailer with the sick donkeys, ready to join. Chapman realized that her crew was likely the 25-year-old horse's last chance at life.

After some thought, Chapman purchased Bubbles along with the donkeys. He lives on Chapman's animal sanctuary in Frisco where he'll likely finish out his days in peace.

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Clever Texas Horse Poses as Donkey to Save Its Own Life