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6 Stylish (and Stadium-Approved) Clear Bags for Concerts and More

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Outdoor events are sure to be at the top of everyone's to-do list as the weather warms up. Food fests, baseball games, and country music festivals are perhaps one of my favorite activities in the spring and summertime. If you have ever been to one, you know that the crowds can be pretty big — and that means extra-long lines. So the last thing you do is want to get denied access for having a bag that is not up to stadium standards. Luckily, clear purses are the answer to public safety restrictions at festivals and sports events.

Advantages of Owning a Clear Purse

Many public events require clear bags or a policy that doesn't allow bags usually larger than a fanny pack. This is for your safety, so these policies aren't a bad idea, even though they sound a bit inconvenient at first. Avoid the security hassle and keep your things organized — when you own a clear bag, you don't have to waste time in line taking everything out of your purse and they are way sturdier than a Ziploc or plastic bag. Once you invest in a clear bag and make it your go-to bag for events, you'll never have to worry about having to go back to your car or spend money on a locker.

As a bonus, some of them are quite trendy — and you can even get clear bags with fun images on them — for example, you can find some with your favorite NFL team's logo on them. Here are our personal favorites from Amazon:

1. Best On-Trend Option


Vorspack Clear Purse - Amazon, $24.99 

This transparent purse can fit your keys, sunglasses, cellphone, slim wallet, and a couple of other must-haves. Plus, the chain on this shoulder bag is detachable — you can easily turn it into a stylish small clutch. Overall, this clear PVC bag is a stylish option that holds the essentials, and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. It also comes in different colors (holographic and lime green), with different chain colors as well. One reviewer who goes to baseball and football games writes this pick is "a good bag worth the money."

2. Best Messenger Bag for Everyday Use

Vorspack Clear Bag Stadium Approved - Amazon, $15.99

If you are a season pass holder for your favorite team, having a reliable, transparent bag will make walking through security a breeze — and the sturdy, adjustable shoulder strap makes this bag easier to carry. The clear crossbody purse is made from TPU material which is better quality than PVC. It's a little larger than our first pick, so this one might be for you if you have other small items that you need to carry around (think: sunscreen, medications, or a larger wallet).

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3. Best Option with Removable Strap

Clear Purse Acrylic Evening Clutch - Amazon, $19.90

Convenience and style are what you get with this clear stadium bag. If you're looking for something that is sturdy, this is a great pick. The hard case is going to be for travel — and this acrylic clutch purse comes with two different chains to choose from (which can be disassembled to turn into a clutch). I love that this purse can be used as a daytime or nighttime bag. Many customers say their purse got compliments! While the first option is super stylish, we recommend going with something like this if you're going to dress up for an event — like concerts at night where you might be going out before or afterwards.

4. Best Bag for Parents

Stadium Approved Transparent Clear Tote - Amazon, $15.27

This clear tote bag is stadium and event approved and perfect for carrying another person's items. It is made with waterproof vinyl and is strong enough to endure large crowds. If you are bringing little ones along with you, this bag is perfect for storing sunscreen, cameras, and water bottles. The front zippered accessibility pocket makes getting to your items quick and easy. This is the best pick for organization, especially for parents who need to pack many necessary products for little ones. It comes in over nine colors and has one main compartment (perfect for larger items), two front zipper pockets (for keys, phones, and hand sanitizer), and two side mesh pockets for a baby bottle and an umbrella.

5. Best Drawstring Backpack

2 Pieces Clear Drawstring Bags - Amazon, $7.99 

First off, two bags for under $10 is a steal. If you're not into clear crossbody bags or prefer a clear backpack for your event, these drawstring backpacks are perfect. The bags are durable and water-resistant, ideal for outdoor events where people are spilling drinks and rain is on the forecast.This bag is roomy enough for books, sunscreen, snacks, water bottles, a wallet, cellphones, and smaller items. The string length can be adjusted through knots, making it ideal for kids, too. This one might be perfect for a water park or amusement park.

6. Best Fanny Pack

Veckle Clear Fanny Pack - Amazon, $13.99

For the minimalist or the person who likes to keep valuables extra close, consider a fanny pack over a clear backpack or clear stadium purse. Not only can you wear it at the waist, but you can also wear it across your chest. This will fill smaller items like your phone, wallet, keys, medicine, and a snack It is waterproof, but we still recommend putting your phone in a waterproof case or small bag for extra protection. This is a great fanny pack for festivals or a beach day.

Also Consider:

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo

Passport and Vaccine Card Holder - Amazon, $7.99

Chances are if a clear bag is required, the venue may require a vaccine card. Consider getting this passport and vaccine card holder to put in your new clear crossbody handbag. The budget-friendly holder is made with PU leather to protect documents safely. It's also water-resistant and has plastic covers for extra protection.

It's slim, lightweight, and comes in nine colors.

This post was originally published on July 7, 2021.