Clayton Anderson Takes You Behind the Scenes of His New EP 'Only To Borrow'

With his latest project, rising artist Clayton Anderson shows just how far he's come since his days of playing college parties and bars across the Midwest.

In 2008, Anderson won the "Next Big Star" competition, earning him a chance to open up for Chesney on tour in Cincinnati. Now, Anderson just released his newest collection of work, a six-song EP called Only To Borrow. The tunes show significant growth since his 2011 debut and 2014 follow up.

Anderson actually headed west to start the project. He spent time in Los Angeles' Eastwest Studios, a legendary spot that got its start in the 1960s. While in L.A., he worked with drumming legend Kenny Aronoff to get the foundation tracks.

Then, Anderson headed back to Nashville where he worked with folks like Tim Pierce, a monster session guitarist. That's where Anderson recorded vocals and overdubs for the rest of the record.

In this exclusive behind the scenes clip, Anderson tells you a bit more about the journey in making Only To Borrow. Get a sneak peek of what it's like to work in the studio with incredible musicians and the types of creative decisions that form a record.

Although he initially could not escape comparisons to acts like Luke Bryan, Anderson now embraces their similarities. Songs like "All Over The Map" find familiar territory in using diversity of the United States to describe the perfect girl. His track "In The Dark" captures a playful, if not a little coy, take on lovemaking.

Anderson tests out his new material all over the road, where places such as college towns lap up his energetic performances. You can find a full list of his upcoming tour dates here.

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