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The 27 Best Classic Halloween Movies that Stand the Test of Time

Iconic and creepy flicks to fill your queue this spooky season.

Making a decent Halloween film is one thing. But making a Halloween film that holds up years later is something else entirely. In an industry where fresh ideas become cliches as rapidly as technology ages once-breathtaking special effects, a film that transcends the zeitgeist in which it was released and solidifies itself as a classic is as rare as a masked killer who doesn't have mommy issues.

What exactly defines a classic Halloween film? The commonly applied rule is something at least 20 years old that stands out from its peers by remaining impressive today. (Perhaps scarier than any of these films is the startling realization that something released as late as 2003 is now considered a "classic.")

To honor these films that have somehow managed to pass the rigorous test of time, we've compiled a list of iconic and classic Halloween flicks perfect for a spooky night in. So grab your popcorn and a fistful of your kid's Halloween candy and join us in celebrating these cinematic gifts that keep on scaring even decades after release, from a rundown shack in rural Texas, to the weird halls of Dr. Frank-N-Furter's castle, to an eerie little place off a secluded backroad called Bates Motel. Let's scream. Let's laugh. Let's dive right into it.

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