These Churro Makers Bring The Carnival To Your Kitchen

One of my favorite treats to get either at the fair or the carnival is the almighty churro. Crisp, sweet, and drenched in cinnamon sugar, a churro is a fried pastry originated from Spain and Portugal and is usually served on the street or with chocolate during breakfast. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, churro making is relatively simple, and it's possible to make these Spanish treats at home, especially if you invest in a churro maker.

There are a few different ways you can make churros at home, from adding dough to a churro machine to squeezing out the dough through a churrera (think of it as a cookie press) and frying it in a hot deep fryer. Here are our picks for the best churros makers that are available for home use.

For The Healthier Approach: Electric Churro Maker

Spanish churros are usually prepared in a deep fryer, but what if you were looking for a way to make great churros without all the fat? This churro machine by StarBlue offers a no-fry cooking method that is easy to use and operate. Made with non-stick coated plates, the churro maker machine almost resembles a countertop waffle maker.

Just follow the e-book and add the dough to the churros machine and close the lid. Once ready the light will alert you and you may roll the crispy churro in sugar.

For The Authentic Approach: Churrera Churro Press

If you want to make your churros super authentic, pick up this churrera churro press. Complete with eight different design discs, the user-friendly churro dispenser takes seconds to set-up. Just fill the gun with churro dough, add the disc, then press the dough into the hot oil.

You can also use this cookware to make favorites such as small doughnuts and even cheese straws.

For The DIY Approach: Cake Decorating Supplies 

Not in the market for a churros maker machine? Making your own churros can always be achieved by adding churro dough to a pastry bag fitted with a star piping tip. While it's not as easy at the other two options, it still gets the job done.

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