Chuck Norris
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Chuck Norris Named Honorary Texan

We've all heard the jokes about Chuck Norris. You know, the ones that go, "while kids played in a sandbox, Chuck Norris played on concrete." Or that Chuck Norris' diary is the Guinness Book of World Records.

Well, now you can add becoming an official Texan to the long list of Norris' impressive accomplishments. According to The Statesman, the Texas senate named actor Chuck Norris an honorary Texan on Tuesday, April 4.

Almost everyone knows Norris from the role he played in Walker, Texas Ranger and the resulting endless stream of jokes about his toughness.

The Oklahoma native was presented with a gavel, used by the Senate to claim that the resolution had passed. He also received a flag that once flew over the Alamo.

As the ceremony came to a conclusion, Norris posed with the senators in the front of the chambers. And no, Norris did not crush their hands with his handshake.

Norris was in Austin with his wife, Gena Norris, in order to discuss their nonprofit, Kickstart Kids. The organization helps students who are struggling to excel in the classroom.

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The Senate Resolution 569 naming Norris as an honorary Texan passed unanimously. Shocker, right? I'd like to see who would vote against a man who can make fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.

So the next time someone recommends that you "Don't Mess With Texas," you should probably heed their warning. Because if you mess with Texas, you're also messing with Chuck Norris.

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