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Video Premiere: Christie Huff Celebrates a New Relationship with Acoustic 'Love-ish'


California-based country singer-songwriter Christie Huff embraces the unknown on her new single "Love-ish," a sunny, flirty song about the early stages of a relationship.

Huff shares an acoustic version of the song in a new video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today.

Watch Huff perform "Love-ish" below.


Wide Open Country caught up with Christie Huff to ask about the inspiration behind "Love-ish," how California has influenced her sound and more. Read our Q&A below.

Wide Open Country: Can you tell us about recording "Love-ish" and what the song means to you?

Christie Huff:  I loved recording and writing "Love-Ish" especially since I worked with two writers I really look up to, Mark Irwin and Aaron Eshuis. The song just means feeling those first sparks of love at the beginning of a relationship - Love-ish! Not anything major right away, just going along with what you feel before defining it.

What made you want to release an acoustic version of the song?

I've always thought acoustic versions of songs are so raw. "Love-ish" is also a raw and vulnerable topic, so the acoustic version lets you feel that realness even more.

With splitting your time between L.A. and Nashville, do you find yourself inspired by the "California country" sound?

Definitely! I think splitting my time between LA and Nashville has really helped me find myself and my sound as an artist; a more laid back/pop take on country music. For me, LA and Nashville are both so inspiring.


Who were your influences growing up?

My influences growing up were Taylor SwiftCarrie Underwood and Bonnie Raitt.

What do you want listeners to take away from "Love-ish"?

I want listeners to take away the message of not overthinking the beginning of relationships. Just go with what you're feeling!

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