Chris Williams/ Steve Varney
Alexandrea Lassiter/ Glenn Ross

Chris Williams and Kid Reverie Share Cathartic 'Warning Bell' [Premiere]


Chris Williams and Kid Reverie (Steve Varney) team up for a powerful message about checking in with yourself and your loved ones as well as the journey to self-discovery on the shimmering "Warning Bell," the latest release from their forthcoming album Something From Nothing (out March 3).

"Sometimes folks just give up," Williams tells Wide Open Country. "No matter how hard you try to navigate all of their landmines, inevitably there is an explosion. We set about working through this idea with just the first verse written. That verse came from a very personal place. There were long discussions about our experiences with this topic that, for me, were very cathartic, yet too close to fully embrace expressing outwardly. Steve was able to seamlessly articulate our points as he quickly wrote out the chorus that followed those first 4 lines."

"The absence of a 'Warning Bell' seemed so appropriate to delineate the importance of a need to change," Williams continues. "How we have so many subtle hints along the way, but there is rarely this clanging harbinger to pull us from our self-imposed depths. There are many ways to redemption, but it's always a lonely solo journey back."

Kid Reverie, a Boulder, Colorado-based singer-songwriter as well as a  guitarist/banjoist for Gregory Alan Isakov, says the song felt like a return to his roots.

"Chris was stuck on this one. He had a general prompt for the song in his head, but it felt too personal and he couldn't remove himself from the song to really start working on it," Kid Reverie tells Wide Open Country. "He referenced the intensity of my rock record that I did as Kid Reverie back in 2018 and I took it from there. In the end, he loved how I sang it, so I just went ahead and did the vocals. It felt good to make a rock song again."
"The pandemic made me try a lot of things for the first time," Kid Reverie continues. "I think I felt trapped and needed a big challenge to keep me going forward. This is the biggest project I've taken as a producer, I've never co-written songs with someone in such a balanced way, and it totally changed my view about working remotely with someone through the internet."
Listen to "Warning Bell" below.



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