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Chris Stapleton's Two Albums are the 1st and 2nd Most Bought Country Albums of 2017

Chris Stapleton has the best selling country album thus far this year. Who has the second best-selling country album? Oh, yeah, that's also Chris Stapleton.

That's right, in a world that's typically fueled by bro-country, break-up songs and party jams, Stapleton is reigning supreme. According to stats pulled by Nielsen Music, From A Room: Volume 1 sits at number one and his 2015 album, Traveller, comes in on the second spot as the best-selling country LP of 2017 so far.

Within the past week, it was announced that his 2015 debut, Traveller, reached double platinum status based on domestic sales. In fact, it was the first country album to top 2 million unit sales since Luke Bryan's Crash My Party.

Stapleton spent years in the background building up momentum as a lauded songwriter, and it doesn't look like he's going to be stopped anytime soon. Seeing as the last album released was Volume 1, a second volume is expected — and highly anticipated. At a recent concert, Stapleton gave the world a brief taste of what's to come.

On his All-American Road Show in Buffalo, N.Y., he surprised fans with a new song, "Trying to Untangle My Mind." The song's as Stapleton-y as it gets. So, basically it's amazing, and his next album probably will be too.

Once Vol. 2 drops, who's to say Stapleton won't hold number one, two and three?

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