Chris Stapleton’s Former Rock Band Will Blow You Away

Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins via Facebook/The Jompson Brothers

Before Chris Stapleton exploded onto the country scene, he made a name for himself as the frontman of two bands. A lot of folks know about The SteelDrivers, a bluegrass band Stapleton fronted from 2008-10. But not as many know about his rock band, The Jompson Brothers.

“Born in a garage” around 2007 in Nashville, Tenn., The Jompson Brothers played good ol’ fashioned southern rock. The four-piece began touring more heavily in 2010 after Stapleton’s departure from The SteelDrivers.

They toured all around the South from 2010 to 2013, amassing a following as Stapleton continued his songwriting prowess in Nashville. They played alongside folks like Darius Rucker, David Allan Coe and Delbert McClinton. Roots music outfit No Depression called The Jompson Brothers “a classic rock ‘n’ roll band of the old school,” “the best rock band I’ve seen in 20 years” and “the future” of rock ‘n’ roll.

You can see 24 minutes of their set below, from their set at The Shed in Maryville, Tenn. in 2013.

They only released one studio album, 2010’s The Jompson Brothers, produced by Frank Rogers. And no, none of them are brothers or named “Jompson.” But they certainly left their mark on the music world. Jason Aldean uses their song “Secret Weapon” as his walk-out music during his concerts.

Of course, Stapleton’s solo success has since sidelined The Jompson Brothers. Few could expect the kind of success he’d have after releasing 2015’s Traveller. But that’s not to say The Jompson Brothers broke up, either.

The band is simply on a break during Chris Stapleton’s tour in support of his solo record. It would be cool to see The Jompson Brothers emerge again at some point. A lot of artists nowadays are able to juggle several projects. Plus, The Jompson Brothers are sure to have more fans who heard of them after Stapleton’s solo success.

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Chris Stapleton’s Former Rock Band Will Blow You Away