Chris Stapleton’s ‘Fire Away’ Performance Is the Best Thing You’ll Hear Today

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Before last week’s instant classic of a performance with Justin Timberlake at the CMA Awards, Chris Stapleton sent out copies of his album Traveller to every CMA voter.

It’s a common practice during voting season, but Stapleton also included with the album a personal note from the head of his label with an extra caveat: “If there is somebody you think should hear this album, let us know and we’ll send them a copy.”

The folks at Universal Nashville believed so strongly in Stapleton, they were willing to send his record to anybody just so they’d listen. Obviously, the world outside the confines of Nashville did finally listen at the CMA’s, as Stapleton’s record has since skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, despite being released half a year ago.

But it doesn’t take a collaboration with the modern day King of Pop on a national stage in front of millions for Stapleton to blow you away. His live version of “Fire Away”, released almost a month before his record came out, is proof of that.

Armed with nothing more than a guitar and the pitch-perfect harmonies of his wife Morgane, Stapleton performed the song as part of the “Vevo dscvr” series (read as “discover”). A gut-wrenching ballad that welcomes the “sticks and stones” and “words that cut like a razor,” “Fire Away” is a stand-out track on the record that proves Stapleton doesn’t need a full-blown horn section to amaze.

Check out the performance below.

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Chris Stapleton’s ‘Fire Away’ Performance Is the Best Thing You’ll Hear Today