Chris Stapleton Has Unforgettable Way of Introducing Wife on Stage

Screengrab via YouTube

When you are Chris Stapleton, you automatically have the right to sing at all times, rather than speak. The unbeatable artist who spent many years attempting to break out before becoming one of country music's most talked about, celebrated, and decorated singer-songwriters got that memo and decided to give the sing-speak style a try at a recent show.

Stapleton's wife, Morgane, is his right-hand woman both on the stage and off, serving as his life partner and background vocalist. During band introductions at a recent performance, Stapleton gave his wife an unforgettable salute, making women in attendance and around the world long for the day someone sings their bio to a tremendous audience.

As Stapleton crooned about the woman with whom he shares all facets of life, she stood to his side grinning ear-to-ear, looking entertained, pleased, and surprised by the musical introduction. Watch the video above to see the Stapletons' adorable interaction on stage.

The Stapletons met twelve years ago when each was affiliated with a different publishing company. The two would spend time together in-office, but it was a very unproductive co-write that ultimately led to the beginning of their beautiful relationship, sometimes compared to that of Johnny and June. The couple has been married since 2007.

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Chris Stapleton Has Unforgettable Way of Introducing Wife on Stage