Chris Stapleton Reveals the Inspiration Behind ‘Traveller’

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Chris Stapleton’s latest album, Traveller, has garnered a lot of attention since its release in May 2015. Stapleton scored a CMA award for Album of the Year and is nominated for two Grammys this year (where he’s also set to perform).

In a recent statement to The Boot, Stapleton talked about his memories of listening to music as a kid with his father.

“My earliest memories of music were kind of the outlaw country folk — Waylon [Jennings] and Willie [Nelson] and guys like that — but also Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin and a lot of old R&B people. My dad could hold a tune. He wasn’t necessarily a singer, but he did love music, and he listened to it quite loud in the car. So those were my earliest memories of music, and when he passed away [in 2013], it flipped the switch for me.”

Before launching his solo career, Stapleton was a well-known songwriter. He’s written songs for huge artists like Kenny Chesney, Adele, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley, and worked with virtually everyone in the music industry.

He also talked about making Traveller.

“We made this record with guys that I played music with live every night. The rhythm section, and Dave Cobb, who produced the record, [are] playing acoustic. I was inspired by those guys,” he explains. “But [I] also thought about my earliest records of music and the way those records sound. I wanted to do something that gave a tip of the hat to that.”

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Chris Stapleton Reveals the Inspiration Behind ‘Traveller’