Chris Stapleton on Being Mistaken for a Duck Dynasty Member

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If you know Chris Stapleton — the big time 2015 CMA award winner who’s now nominated for multiple Grammy’s this year — you also know that he has arguably the best beard in country music. Even with the burly beard, long locks and authentic southern style, he doesn’t get recognized as himself out on the street very often. He does, however, get mistaken for a Duck Dynasty family member on occasion.

Stapleton must have an amazing sense of humor, because he’s gone right along with it. In an interview with People, he says, “For a while, when it was a really hot thing, people would be like, ‘Hey, are you one of those Duck Dynasty guys?’ I think I’ve signed a few autographs on their behalf.”

We have to admit, Stapleton looking like he’s part of the Robertson family isn’t that much of a stretch.

Duck Dynasty
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We’re glad he’s such a great sport about it!

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family, famous for their duck call business, Duck Commander. The show has been airing on A&E since 2012 and currently airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 PM EST.

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Chris Stapleton on Being Mistaken for a Duck Dynasty Member