Chris Stapleton is Featured on Justin Timberlake's Upcoming Album

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Is Justin Timberlake rebranding to something more country? Hard to say, but we do know his upcoming album will feature a collaboration with country superstar Chris Stapleton.

Earlier this week, Timberlake revealed a teaser for Man of the Woods, a project that's being promoted as Timberlake's most rootsy recording to date. Timberlake has said that the album is inspired by his family and Tennessee roots.

Other heavy hitters featured on Timberlake's new record include his long-time co-producer, Timbaland, along with pop stars Pharrell and Alicia Keys.

We've speculated for a while that a Stapleton-Timberlake collaboration has been in the works. Last fall, the pair shared the stage for a surprise set at the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival in Franklin, Tenn.

And you no doubt remember when the pair brought the house down during the 2015 CMA Awards. That performance pushed Stapleton into the mainstream cultural consciousness, paving his path to stardom. Stapleton has since grown into one of the most universally admired country artists.

As it turns out, the musicians had known each other for years and have been expressing mutual admiration for each other's music for some time.

We'll get to know what their new collaboration sounds like when it's released on Feb. 2, just days before the Super Bowl. Man of the Woods first single, "Filthy," drops on Friday.

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Chris Stapleton is Featured on Justin Timberlake's Upcoming Album