Watch Chris Stapleton Help Two Fans Tie the Knot On Stage

Talk about an unforgettable marriage ceremony. At a recent Chris Stapleton concert in Vancouver, Canada, two fans known as Jeremy and Jillian got married on stage. Not engaged. Full on married.

The whole thing started when Stapleton spotted a sign in the crowd. "We want to get married here," the sign read. "Now."

Stapleton stopped the show and brought the couple on stage. And yes, they were totally serious. Ordained minister Jonathan joined the couple as Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane stood on either side.

Jonathan became our new favorite wedding chaplain by keeping it super short. And by throwing in a solid "Tennessee Whiskey" reference. "Jillian, do you accept Jeremy, who is smooth as Tennessee whiskey," he asks. "And Jeremy, do you accept Jillian, who is sweet as strawberry wine?"

The couple shares an adorable kiss and brings many in the crowd to tears. They then get a handshake and hug from the Stapleton. But here's the kicker — Chris and Morgane sign their certificate as witnesses to the wedding. How cool!

Check out the brief ceremony in the video below.

We have to say, that's a first. Lots of people pop the question at concerts. But to have the guts to do the whole thing right on stage? Now that's impressive. Plus, the fact that Stapleton stopped the show to make this couple's dream come true is really special.

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We're not sure if Jeremy and Jillian eloped, but if so, they raised the bar for cool stories. And we have to say they snagged a pretty excellent wedding band. And for such a reasonable price!

Stapleton keeps on trekking to Ohio and beyond on the road. His current tour runs all the way into November. And as if that's not enough, Stapleton also has a new album on the way in early May.

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